I will make almost any costume you would like to have made.  When I make a costume I will use both hand sewing and a machine.  How this works is that you will give me reference pictures and let me know what your budget is.  Based on that budget I will find out how much the materials would be and which materials I can use based on the budget you have provided to me.  One way that makes me different from other costume commissioners is that if you have a limited budget I will make a "found item" costume which is finding clothing that is similar to the costume and work with it to make it as close to what you want as possible.  If you live in the Northeastern Connecticut area I will come to you to get your measurements and to do fittings.  If you really feel that you would like to have fittings and are longer than a 30 minute drive then there will be a travel fee based on your distance.  (Only available in New England Area)


         I can make props using insulation foam, piping,styrene, wonderflex, clay and wood.  I will work with you to make the prop that you want.  I have made swords, shields, sycthes,armor, guns, knives, squirtles turtle shell, a pair of 6 foot feathered wings, and other props.


If you are interested in getting a commission from me or have questions about commissions feel free to contact me at or

(860) 942-2929



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